Fretheim Explores Genesis - 3 VHS Set

In this 4 and one-half hour video collection (includes videos, study guide and handout pages), Dr. Terence Fretheim explores Genesis through 9 comprehensive bible study sessions:

1. The morning of the World.
Genesis 1-2, the story of the creation of the universe in all of its wonderful diversity..

2. Fall Up, Fall Down or Fall Apart?
Genesis 3-6, the story of the fall into sin and its disastrous effects. (continued below...)

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3. God Will Never Do That Again!
Genesis 6-11, the story of the flood and its aftermath, with a focus on God's promise to Noah.

4. God's Unconditional Promises.
Genesis 12-15, the story of God's call of Abraham and the promises given to him and his family.

5. Sodom and Gomorrah: Intercession and Judgment.
Genesis 18-19, the story of judgment on these wicked cities in spite of Abraham's intercession.

6. Children of Abraham: Christians, Jews, Muslims.
Genesis 16, 21, the story of Hagar and Ishmael and a look at how three major religious groups trace their heritage back to Abraham.

7. Wrestling in Faith.
Genesis 25-33, the story Jacob and his family and how the theme of wrestling plays its role.

8. Women With Stories.
Genesis 34-35, 38, the stories of three neglected women in Genesis -- Dinah, Tamar and Rachel.

9. A Family Reconciled.
Genesis 37-50, the story of the sons of Jacob and how God works behind the scenes especially through Joseph, to bring reconciliation to his family.