We Are Here Now
by Church Innovations' Patrick Keifert

Christendom for most of us has passed; some of us who value its blessings grieve, and we should. When we mark our X on the map of the history of Christianity, we mark it Post-Christendom. Partnership for Missional Church: A Journey of Spiritual Discernment outlines a path to record this same X as a time of a New Era of Mission for your local church. This ground-breaking new book introduces (continued below...):

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  • A New Era of Mission
  • A Cultural and Organizational Model
  • Discovering Our Partners
  • Experimenting through Plunge Teams
  • Visioning for Embodiment
  • Eight Missional Patterns
  • Learning and Growing
  • Mentoring and Sharing

Patrick R. Keifert invites you to a journey filled with learning, growing, discovering, experimenting, visioning, mentoring, and sharing as local churches move from the maintenance of Christendom to innovating missional church in their time and location.